Partner Experience

Whether you’re looking for someone to keep you company at home or to take out on the town, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Lets kick off our shoes and let me work on easing your tension, your muscles, and getting you nice and relaxed for our time together and for the week ahead.

By now, you know that my physique is rather unique, and you hopefully have gleaned my impish personality. It’s even more-so in person, let me tell you…

Taylor stands against a blank wall facing the camera, looking away slightly. He is a pale red head, ear-length hair falling over his left eye. He's wearing tight red and black boxer briefs that say 'addicted' on the waistband, a nipple-length black mesh shirt with a red band, and black glasses. His left hand is in his hair, right arm dangling away from his body, and he's standing with one hip cocked above the otherI like to play; to tease; to joke. I like to laugh and giggle both during conversations and after. I like to have fun, and for you to have fun as well. After all, isn’t fun the point?

While I love a quick romp, my personal favourite is the partner experience – more commonly known as the boyfriend or girlfriend experience. I love hearing people’s stories and forming a connection, perhaps over dinner, then making our way to other, less public, activities.

If you’d like to go out on the town, my favourite outings include:

  • Lunch or Dinner (vegan, please)
  • Coffee or Drinks
  • Movies or Theatre

You can chose the look you’d like – fancy a cute tomboy? A dainty little softbutch? A well-dressed temptress? I can be your boy next door just as quickly as I can be an androgynous god/dess or a pretty little plaything. Suits, dresses and heels, or tshirts and jeans all suit my frame delightfully well, and they come off of me just as wonderfully.

You’ll find that I am able to read you and your needs better than you could’ve dared to dream, and you’ll delight in the energy I put into helping make those needs come true during our time together. Allow me to captivate you, first through conversation, then through our bodies.

Read my policies, view my rates, and get in touch to book!

Open to all ages, races, sizes, and HIV status; safe play only.

Want something a bit more? Why not invite one of my stunning friends to join us? If kink is your thing, I gladly offer that as well.