Looking to surprise me with an extra treat? Gifts are never expected, but they are always a welcome addition to our time together (or apart)!


Want to get me something to wear (maybe for you)?  Please take note of my measurements below to make sure it’ll fit!

  • Tops – medium (women’s) or small (men’s)
  • Underwear – medium (women’s/men’s)
  • Waist – 28″
  • Hips – 34″
  • Chest – 32″
  • Shoulders – 17″
  • Shoes – 8 US Women’s (no Men’s shoes, please)
  • Gold, brass, or bronze hardware instead of silver, if possible.

Gift Cards


  • Dark chocolate
  • Lemon-flavoured desserts
  • Cheesecake
  • Vegan food
  • All dressed chips
  • Dark roast coffee
  • Sour over sweet
  • Grilled cheese


Don't want to risk it? Check out my wishlists for some specific ideas! I have items in a wide-range of price-points and categories; from the most practical to indulgent.