Sometimes à la carte just isn’t the best option. Sometimes it’s better to opt for an arrangement that’s more tailored to you, specifically.

To what you want…

To what you need…

To what you crave.

Sometimes you need to see just how much you can bite off and successfully chew.

Because of this, I have provided you with an additional list of services which may fit your specific interests. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, I’d love for you to send me a message so that I can make a perfectly sculpted meeting just for you.

Tattooed Darling

I may only have a few pieces so far, but there are so very many more on my wishlist. All contributions to my tattoo fund will be tucked away for my future pieces, helping to shape my body into a breathing piece of art for your pleasure. Just think of how hot it’ll be in our session when I remove my clothing to show you the ink adorning my body thanks to you.

Dress Up

I have a love for fancy clothes, don’t you? Pleather, latex, neoprene. Dresses, corsets, heels. Suits, waistcoats, shoes….

Put a little something toward my attire (or take me shopping yourself!), and you’ll receive exclusive photos of me in and out of the pieces you’ve sent my way.

Travelling Jetsetter

Fly me to you! I love to explore new parts of the world and absolutely adore having company when I do so. Do you live somewhere cold? Let me snuggle up and keep each other warm. Do you live somewhere warm? Even better. I enjoy few things more than parading around in extremely limited clothing, basking in the tropical weather.

Feeling a bit nervous? I'd love to meet over a cup of coffee so we can get to know each other face-to-face.
$100/30 mins; money will be put toward our first session together.
I love to play with others! I'm attracted to people of all genders and am happy to join you with someone you know (my rate plus $40) or find another service provider to join us. Visit my duos page to see who I play well with!
Want something a little different? I will gladly meet you at Spa Excess in one of their rooms or at a hotel, including a Pearson Airport hotel.
Additional charges apply.
Curious about travel, Skype, or anything else? Please contact for details! I try to be accommodating to requests, even if it isn't something I've mentioned on the site.
I encourage women, queer and trans people, people with disabilities, and fellow sex workers to contact me! I understand that there are extra barriers faced by these communities; economic, discrimination, stigma, and more, and am happy to offer my services at a reduced rate.

Accessibility info for my services and incall.