Virtual Services

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to meet face-to-face, despite our wishes. Because of this, I am happy to offer my services to you virtually!

What does this look like? Well, that’s up to you. Texts, emails, or snail mail; skype, custom videos, or voicemails; sweet or a little bit more dirty care packages, there’s something for everyone! Interested in something not on this list, let me know anyway; I’d love to make your time away feel more like time at home with me.

Contact me with your interests and we’ll create a custom experience (for a custom rate) just for you.

Tattooed Darling

I may only have a few pieces so far, but there are so very many more on my wishlist. All contributions to my tattoo fund will be tucked away for my future pieces, helping to shape my body into a breathing piece of art for your pleasure. Just think of how hot it’ll be in our session when I remove my clothing to show you the ink adorning my body thanks to you.

Dress Up

I have a love for fancy clothes, don’t you? Pleather, latex, neoprene. Dresses, corsets, heels. Suits, waistcoats, shoes….

Put a little something toward my attire (or take me shopping yourself!), and you’ll receive exclusive photos of me in and out of the pieces you’ve sent my way.