Add Another Set of Hands

I have a collection of gorgeous friends with whom I have fantastic chemistry, located throughout Canada and internationally, who would love to join in on our fun!

Please pay attention to the listed location of each provider. Some will require more advance-notice or a deposit in order to book as we need to arrange for travel.

Jane Way | Toronto
Eda Blackwood | Montreal/Toronto
Eda Blackwood | Montreal/Toronto
Alexis Hope | Montreal
Alexis Hope | Montreal
Stephanie Brown | Montreal
Nora Brighton | Ottawa


Ivy Quill  |  Seattle
Ivy Quill | Seattle
Erin Black  |  Chicago
Erin Black | Chicago
Rylee Mae | Berlin
Rylee Mae | Berlin

Looking for something different than you see listed above? Let me know who/what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can do!

If you’re a provider who wants to offer duos with me, please email me at; I’d love to set something up!