Do you delight in androgyny? Do you find yourself lusting after the exquisite ways in which bodies can blend gender?

If you like playful, a nice blend of boyish charm, youthful energy, and a hint of the unknown, you’re certainly looking in the right direction.

I am slender with a delightful mix of a 100% flat chest, an hourglass figure, natural body hair, and a natural pussy. This means that you can choose the look you’d like, or let me surprise you – fancy a cute tomboy? A dainty little softbutch? A well-dressed temptress? I can be your boy next door just as quickly as I can be an androgynous god/dess or a pretty little plaything. Suits, dresses and heels, or tshirts and jeans all fit my frame deliciously well, and they come off of me just as wonderfully.

When not working, I am an avid photographer and videographer (if you’re interested in some of my porn, you can find it here!), enjoy cycling, reading on all manner of subjects, video games, and traveling when I get the chance – which is more and more often these days! I also do sex education and review sex toys so my collection is quite sizable!

I love fulfilling someone’s fantasy and consider myself to be a “sex nerd” so if there’s anything you want to explore, don’t feel shy! I’d love to hear what it is and help you experience it. I am extremely versatile; eager-to-please and equally enthusiastic about using either my holes or one of my many strap-ons if you’d rather be on the receiving end.

I offer both vanilla and BDSM services, with a particular fondness for first-timers (of every type). You can read more about my services, my FAQ/Policies, or feel free to contact me!

I am located in Toronto, Ontario, and travel most frequently to Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton, or you can fly me to you for something more exclusive! Want to add an extra set of hands? Check out my incredible friends across North America with whom I am currently offering duos with!